Join the Bus stop Challenge

Stockholm 24th April. Hosted by BIG STEVE with even bigger guests.

Including, Swedish Meal Time, Klas Eriksson, Malvin Studio’s and other great YouTube stars.

On the 24th of April we will be driving a London bus around Stockholm (Gallery). With eight planned stops in eight different locations.

Each stop will represent a fast crazy challenge for the fans, people on the street and in the audience. Everybody is welcome to watch and participate.

This is a fantastic fun collaboration between these humble YouTubers who between them have hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

It is a first, it’s never been done before and it’s going to be great. Don’t miss it!

Craig Dixon
Phone 0702465087  Mail


Meet the stars.

Big Steve From London to the very north of Sweden. Read more
Swedish Meal Time Read more
Malvin Studio’s Three boys from the Nordic wilderness. Read more
Moa Murderess Read more
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Follow the Bus Stop Challenge and interact on Twitter with hashtag #BusStopChallenge

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For the fans

Everyone is welcome to join in the fun.

There will time for some photo’s as well as meet and a greet time. Stay tuned to this site for more info.

Stops & Map

Schedule and stops for the Bus Stop Challenge.

10:30 Ice Dip Tantolunden Dark & Cold
11:30 Rap Mummy The Royal Palace Big Steve
12:30 Airport Arrivals Stureplan Skellefteå
13:30 Swedish style Södermalmstorg Swedish Meal Time
14:30 Sausage throw Gröna Lund Klass Eriksson
15:30 Hula hoop challenge Centralstationen Skellefteå
16:30 #ShakeMoment Torsplan Max Hamburgare
17:30 Skala Banan Kungsträdgården Malvin Studios


If you wanna know more than this you have to come and see for yourself!

Ice Dip – 10:30 in Tantolunden

By Dark & Cold

Daring morning shiver and chill’s in Stockholm’s lovely waters.
You may be asked to talk or sing. While you are feeling the the cold bite your bones and freeze your bum it’s not so easy when you shake and quiver.

All who pass the 30 second mark will be awarded a certificate and a pass to the Winter Swimming World cup Competition next year in Skellefteå.

Rap Mummy – 11:30 at The Royal Palace Courtyard

By Big Steve

It’s not often friends get to Rap their mummy and in true Egyptian style!

With modern cost effective methods this day and age we do what’s easiest and cheapest. Never thinking of the future and effects that will come way after our time.

Airport Arrivals – 12:30 Stureplan

By Skellefteå

Stockholm to the North is best done by Aircraft. Walking is pleasant but takes time and wear and tear on your new flashy shoes.

Challenge Swedish style – 13:30 Södermalmstorg

By Swedish Meal Time

Can only be headed up by a Viking, with many other vikings taking his lead. Challenge Swedish style, could mean anything! However not just anything is acceptable.

Sausage throw – 14:30 Gröna Lund

By Klass Eriksson

Who thinks they can throw their sausage and get away with it? It’s known that a sausage has it’s on trajectory, according to the owner or person who throws it. Could a two persons team. Combine to take this challenge in a new direction.

Hula hoop challenge – 15:30 Central station Klarabergsviadukten

By Skellefteå

Put a new spin on old things. Refresh them with new life and vigour. In this challenge you have to combine a whole lot of physiology, coordination and rhythm to beat the competitors standing next to you.

#ShakeMoment – 16:30 Torsplan

By max

Tongues be guessing, taste buds wanting. Knock out the other teams shakes before they knock out yours in this awesome, fun and fast challenge. Can you keep your cool or are you off to a shaky start?

Skala Banan – 17:30 Kungsträdgården

By Malvin Studios

Malvin Studios not only known to bring you fun laughter, enjoyment and horror. But are also known for bringing hiccup pain, muscle strains, neck ache. From their brain wave challenge Skala Banan (Peel Banana). Difficulty level in this challenge is look funny level 11.